In-Situ Balancing
In-Situ Balancing
In-Situ Balancing


In-Situ Balancing

In-situ (or on-site) balancing is a form of rotational balancing which is achieved on site. Similar to car tyre balancing however on an industrial scale, most impellers/rotors will develop imbalance due to many factors; some unavoidable.

The case for in-situ balancing (and balancing in general) becoming more and more common is the fact that many machines are run continuously closer to the design limits.

In order to maintain a reasonable lifetime for the machines, the forces must be reduced – one of the tools for doing this is balancing.

Ambok Engineering & Trading performs dynamic balancing of rotating machinery on-site. The balancing method utilises the necessary equipment and the influence coefficient (IC) method. Trial balance weight are used and then replaced when the balance process is complete by welding to attach final weights.

Benefits of On-Site Balancing:
1. Enables the correction of unbalance in rotating equipment, whilst the machine in its working environment.
2. Eliminates the requirements to completely dismantle plant equipment to enable balancing of machine components.
3. Improves product quality.
4. Reduce downtime, labour, and material costs.
5. Can be planned into scheduled short time outages.
6. Extend bearing and machine life.
7. Reduces the possibility of catastrophic failures.
8. Increases safety

In-Situ Balancing